Clean. Simple. Wet.

From $999

Supercharged by the Apple W1 chip

Water. It's just

f**king water.

It’s the same water coming from your tap, but we’re going to sell it to you at a much, much, higher price.

iWater’s water, despite being no different than any other water, is very tasty, making every sip a flavorful experience.

Delicious taste.

We've said this many times, but we'll say it again: iWater contains clean, simple, and wet water.

Fresh from the source (we don’t know where exactly), iWater delivers the exquisite water to calm your thirst.

iWater is hydration redefined – pure and flavorful.

A precise blend of molecules

1 liter

20,000 drops of water

1.5 sextillion molecules

2 hydrogen atoms

1 oxygen atom

🪄 Witchcraft 🪄

🧪 Science 🧪

✨ Magic ✨

= H2O

OK, that's enough of the big text.

Five super colors.

Or more, if you pay extra.






Five s u p e r sizes.

iWater Mini


iWater Pro

iWater Max

iWater Ultra






Fits perfectly in your lifestyle.

It's wayyyyyyy more than a PNG pasted on a big image.

A beautiful and thoughtful design.

A color-matching cap ensuring watertight suction , so no drops ever escape.

The signature neck of iWater provides the optimal amount of water when you drink.

A delightful color-matching logo that stands out, so everyone knows you're rich.

Indented edges for a perfect grasp, so you never drop your iWater.

Wavy decorations which ressemble, well, waves. That’s not a coincidence.

A solid and resistant base which magically keeps iWater upright.

Supercharged by



iWater is powered by waterOS. A revolutionary operating system that powers literally one thing.

Up to


Up to


Up to




waterOS was engineered for speed. It process roughly 1 calculation per second, which is by far the best for any bottle on the market.


To find how much water is in the bottle, waterOS uses advanced technology. This precise software is very hi-tech. You don’t have to understand it – just buy and use it.

Built-in display.

Our tiniest display yet – all squeezed into the Apple logo.

In case it isn’t clear enough, the Apple logo show how much water there is in the bottle. With this display, you can now know exactly when your bottle is full or empty.

When iWater is almost empty, the Apple logo display turns red to indicate danger. This means you need to buy a new iWater. Right away.

But that's not all! There's also...

Apple Cup

A legendary cup for legendary water.

Made out of nano-textured glass. Almost unbreakable.

Clear and transparent, just like iWater. You can literally see through the cup.

iWater and Apple Cup.

Quite the magical pair.

Touch ID

The most secure touch authentification in a water bottle. Touch ID is a fast and simple way to unlock iWater. In fact, you are the only one who can use your bottle.

The Touch ID sensor is located on the Apple logo so you can easily access it. Briefly rest your selected finger on the display, and iWater will automatically unlock. Just like that!


Touch ID recognizes unique traits on your finger by taking high-resolution images. Then, it intelligently analyzes this information with a remarkable degree of detail and precision.


The button is made out of sapphire crystal – one of the clearest, hardest materials available. This is the most advanced hardware on any bottle, which effectively explains iWater’s price.

t w i s t
t i l t .

The iWater cap was constructed from the sturdiest materials to ensure no leaks. A slip-free grip for the best comfort.

To access your water, simply rest your finger on the Apple logo to unlock the bottle. Then, twist the cap, tilt the bottle into your mouth, and savor the delightful liquid.

It’s that easy! When your iWater is empty, make sure to get a fresh new one!

Use AR to see iWater in all its beauty.

Open this page using Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Don’t have an iPhone or an iPad? Too bad. You should really get one.

Designed with our profits in mind.

iWater was engineered to minimize its cost, from how it’s built to how it’s packaged and shipped. If this means we had to kill the earth or pollute a bit...oh well! It uses 100 percent low-cost materials that take only a few thousand years or so to decompose.


Apple is determined to deliver the cleanest, freshest water to you. Every drop of water is closely inspected for any harmful viruses to ensure your well-being. We don’t want our precious customers getting sick, don’t we?


Especially during the pandemic, you don’t want to share your water with others. Touch ID keeps iWater yours only, so only you can access it. The most secure water bottle identification system.


Technology is most powerful when everyone can use it. That’s why iWater was created to be used as simply as possible. Like, you just twist the cap to open the bottle. That’s all.


Explore caps, cups, stickers, keyboards, mice, and more. Why would you need a keyboard or mice for a water bottle? Well, they can always be useful. And it’s always good for our wallet.

Trade in your current water bottle and get 1 drop of water extra.

With Apple Trade In, just give us your eligible water bottle and get credit toward a new one. It’s good for you and the planet (we'll just dump it for you).

Which iWater is right for you?

iWater Mini

A tiny bottle.

From $899


The classic.

From $999

iWater Pro

Just a bigger bottle. And more colors.

From $1299

iWater Max

“Powerful” water. And even more colors.

From $2999

iWater Ultra

The ultimate iWater. And the most colors.

From $5999


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All your devices.
One seamless experience.

Because Apple makes iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, and iWater they work together like no other devices can.